You'll Never Walk Alone

by Threaten

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"You'll Never Walk Alone" is the debut EP from Minnesota melodic hardcore band Threaten.


released May 8, 2012

Engineered/Mastered by Bryce Tuitt
Written by Jason Hirt, Tyler Gilboe
Guest vocals on "Grey" by Matthew Gutierrez from HRBRS
Recorded in April 2012
Dedicated to Louie Thoma



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Threaten Minneapolis, Minnesota

We're trying to create something that will move you.

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Track Name: You'll Never Walk Alone
You'll never walk alone
These streets will never be empty
A hand will always be there
You aren't forgotten
Track Name: Soul Skate
Well oh fuck you got me tied up by a string
Everything seems to be falling apart
And in the moments that keep passing by
I forget everything and everyone around me
I'm not who I used to be
And I'm not sure who I'm becoming
There's nothing standing in my way
And nothing holding me back
I'm done being who you want to see
Don't try and change me
This is falling apart
I won't let it go
Pictures fade, so do promises
Break it down!
You can't change me
And you can't break me
And you can't change me
And you can't break me down
Track Name: Vermin
And you change your mind about everything
Every word that comes out of your mouth is just a goddamn lie
Who can I believe when you run your mouth left and right?
Nothing makes any fucking sense
Nothing means shit anymore
Why don't you try and be somebody else for a change?
And you think you're somebody else
But really you're not
Keep on running your mouth
And I'll just keep on cashing checks
Find me one of your friends
And I'll point them to the end
You just don't get the fact that you're not the fucking shit
I'm not the one who thinks that I'm better than my own friends
And if everybody was as evil as you
I think that we would all be fucked
Track Name: Grey
These days
Have past
My eyes are beginning to grey
And I can't see what's ahead of me
No one
Everyone is going to fade at some point
I'm drowning in my shadows
I'm falling apart inside
I know there has to be
Something more than existence
This rain can't fall on me forever